St. Patrick's

Loafers’ Hors D’Oeuvres

Whether you’re planning a graduation party, an intimate dinner or cocktails for a few friends, let Loafers help you entertain in style and at the same time allow you to enjoy the company of your guests. From the simplest hors d’oeuvres to the more elegant appetizers, we will be happy to accompany your main course or your best bottle of champagne with just the right touch! We look forward to helping you stay out of the kitchen and into the conversation. Read over the list and let us prepare an evening of adventure for you! Enjoy!!

SPANAKOPITAS delicate phyllo triangle pastries filled with the classic spinach/feta combination,  or a savory curried chicken filling, or for those looking for something a little more exciting we have a roquefort/pecan filling.
STUFFED CHERRY TOMATOES we hollow out the center of the tiny tomatoes and fill them with either seafood salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, garlic herb dip or caviar crème.
VEGETABLE CRUDITE using the freshest in season vegetable available, we arrange them on a beautiful platter or in a basket so that they look as if they’ve just been picked and harvested! Enjoy them with a choice of either garlic herb dip, caviar crème, smoked salmon sip or pesto dip. Larger sizes can have two dips.
DEVILED EGGS we offer the classic “devilish” style, and also make a salsa style egg. A nice change from the usual!
PESTO PALMIER or CHEESE PALMIER these are rolled up like elephant ear pastries except that they have a savory filling either cheese or pesto. Light and delicious to just pop in your mouth!
STUFFED MUSHROOMS Loafers makes their own special stuffing for these mushrooms- it’s out of this world!
TEA SANDWICHES we use an assortment of delicate thin sliced bread to make these petite, elegant sandwiches. Your choice of filling is watercress, tuna cucumber and dill, radish, smoked turkey and ham& cheese or egg.
MINI STUFFED RED POTATOES bite size and ready to pop into your mouth, these little potatoes are stuffed with a savory cheese and sour cream filling. Just heat and serve!
MINI BITE SIZE QUICHE the classic Lorraine flavor or we have many more different selections of vegetable for you to enjoy.
WATERCHESTNUTS WRAPPED IN BACON just as delicious as they sound, these appetizers are a great addition to anything else you may be serving.
PUFF PASTRY CHEESE STRAWS very light and airy. Just pop into your mouth!
SAVORY CREAM PUFFS these light and airy chou paste shells are filled with either chicken salad (grapes and pecans, curry or plain) or a tuna apple salad. What a surprise for your guests!
SKEWERED TORTELLINI we use a tri-colored tortellini and have you dip these mini skewers into a fantastic pesto dip. An exciting new idea!
PIGS IN A BLANKET these are little hot dogs rolled in biscuit dough. Great for kids and adults like too!
SAUSAGE IN PUFF PASTRY little pieces of sausage in light flakey dough. All you need to do is heat and serve!
RASPBERRY & BRIE PUFFS  fabulously light and delicious!
COCKTAIL MEATBALLS we have two different flavors. You can go the classic Swedish meatball or, for a little more zest, our sweet and sour meatball. Just warm them up.
TOMATO MOZZARELLA MINI KABOBS brushed with basil olive oil
CHESE PLATTER Loafers carries an extensive line of cheese in the store. It is not cut until the time of purchase to ensure freshness. So, you can out together the platter of your choice or let us use our experience to match your occasion. Add fruit and/or crackers if you like, and all you need to do is relax and enjoy!
CHEESE CRACKERS these are little crunchy discs of a cheese cracker that are very flavor yet still light and not filling. They’re a nice change from the traditional wedges of cheese.
DIPS we home make a wide variety of dips for you to serve with melba, crackers, bread or vegetables, See our Gourmet-To-Go menu to a listing.
BAKED BRIE for a circle of brie cheese surrounded by a challah bread ring and garnished with either chutney, honey mustard, cranberry chutney r pesto topping. In mini, 1kilo or 2kilo size, this is a dipper’s dream.

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